accurate bookkeeping service

Accurate Bookkeeping Service is a service for the business that just wants to focus on the job and not paperwork and billing it's customers for money.
We process the paperwork/invoices that you have collected directly into your companies data base, or use our database and access the status of each invoice. We process the cash, checks and credit cards, bill customers for payments, and if necessary, send unpaid bills to collections for payment. We will also disburse payments to the people that do work for you, whether employees, sub-contractors or contractors. Just let us know the terms that you have set forth and we'll take care of the rest.
This service will work for virtually and type of company from appliance repair, to painters, to pool maintenance, to handyman or any other small business that services several customers in the field.

Remember for all your bookkeeping needs, Accurate Bookkeeping Service can help.accurate bookkeeping service.
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